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About the run

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Frequently Asked Questions
History of the run


The race starts and finishes on the forecourt of Cambridge Consultants, as marked CCL on the map, postcode CB4 0DW. The inner lane of the Cambridge Science Park will be closed off for the duration of the race.





Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to enter?
The entry fee is £60 for the whole team.

Can I enter as an individual or do I need to enter a team?
The race is a team event although some people do run all 4 laps themselves. Teams can run one lap together (team type 'OneLap') or a 4-lap relay (team type 'Relay') depending on how energetic they want to be! We award prizes to the top three Men's/Women's/Mixed relay teams (as well as the three best Fancy Dress teams).

How do change my team type?
Unless you are entering a one-lap team (in which case the team type is 'OneLap'), the type is set automatically based on the genders of the runners in the team. Note that a Mixed team may contain 2 or 3 women, because a Men's team is allowed to include one woman. The precise reasoning behind these unusual definitions is lost in the mists of time, but is believed to be to prevent three-men-and-a-woman teams from dominating the Mixed category.

Can I enter more than one team?
Yes. Multiple teams can be paid for online, just edit the number of teams in your basket. Team details can be entered and changed after payment, up to the morning of the race. Just make sure we get a correct signed disclaimer form for anyone who actually runs - Thanks! If you would like to pay by cheque or cash payment, take this to The Trinity Centre Health Club.

Do I have to work on the Cambridge Science Park to take part?
Absolutely not, we welcome anyone over the age of 16. You do not need to be affiliated to any company or organisation to take part.

Can I run in fancy dress?
Yes! Any entrant can run in fancy dress and we award prizes for the three best fancy dress teams. You are responsible for making sure your costume is safe to run in.

I am disabled. Can I take part?
Yes, we will accept disabled participants on a case by case basis (due to health and safety considerations). Please email us and we will discuss this with you.

Who should cheques be made payable to?
Please make sponsorship and entry fee cheques payable to "Cambridge Fun Run". Blank sponsorship forms are available here. Entry fees must be paid online or at the The Trinity Centre Health Club. Sponsorship forms and cheques can be delivered to the Health Club or Race Organisers:

Cambridge Fun Run
c/o Broadcom
Unit 406
Cambridge Science Park
Milton Road
Cambridge CB4 0WW

Where do I get my t-shirt and what do I do with the signed Disclaimer Form?
T-shirts and runner packs are handed over in exchange for your completed Disclaimer Form in the week running up to the race, i.e. from Monday 11 November until 10.30am on the morning of the race. You collect them from The Trinity Centre Health Club.

How much money goes to Children in Need?
We pass on 100% of individual and corporate sponsorship to BBC Children in Need. Some of our corporate sponsors help by offering their services at reduced costs, others donate to the appeal. The event fee is set to entirely cover the event costs and any excess is added to the appeal. BBC Children in Need in turn pass on 100% of the money they receive to good causes.

One of my team members can't run, what do I do now?
You can substitute team runners right up to the morning of the race. Please just ensure that you deliver a Disclaimer form signed by the new runner to The Trinity Centre Health Club before they close on race morning (usually around 11:45).
Please note that while we will make every effort to update our race results with changed runner names, errors do occur. To reduce the chances of this, give us your form early and please write clearly.

How do I change my team name?
First you need to log in to the team management area. From the home page, enter your email address and password in the box on the left hand side and click Login. This will then ask you to choose one of your teams, from where it will take you to the team admin page. If you them click on Team Information you will see a page which presents team and runner details. These are either in editable boxes or have edit links next to them. Team name changes should take effect immediately, while runner changes require you to press the 'Save member details' button.

The results show our runners in the wrong order, can you alter this?
The published results reflect the order you told us. You can alter the order, up to the morning of the race, by logging in to the members area. After that point we can't guarantee any changes will make it to the published results, but email us and we will do our best to put the record straight!

Can I collect sponsorship money online?
Yes! We encourage all teams to collect sponsorship online. Suitable sites include virginmoneygiving.com, justgiving.com, everyclick.com and bmycharity.com. If you set up a sponsorship page, don't forget to go your control panel and tell us the address so we can automatically update the running total!

How do I tell you my sponsorship address?
Login to your control panel and go to the 'team information' section. In the 'Team details' section there is a line for 'Sponsorship page', click on the 'edit' link. Enter your e.g. virginmoneygiving url and click 'update'. When you've done this we will automatically update our running total.

Why is my online sponsorship not showing?
We only update the running total once per hour, wait a little while and check back. If it is still not showing, and you are certain you entered the correct address, drop us an email and we will investigate.

What do I do with my sponsorship money?
If you haven't chosen to donate your sponsorship online, you can still take your sponsorship money, (cash or cheque but including a sponsor form) to: The Trinity Centre Health Club.

Where can I park?
There is ample free parking adjacent to the businesses in the Cambridge Science Park. Please do not park at CCL or on the Cambridge Science Park ring road. We recommend you park in a car park on the outer side of the ring road (due to the traffic restrictions around the race).

How long will the race take?
It's over in around 40 minutes so your boss has no excuse to whine about your absence!

Are there toilets/showers/changing rooms?
There are no toilet facilities on-site; in particular the toilets inside Cambridge Consultants are not available for use. Toilets are, however, available at the Trinity Centre bar next door to Cambridge Consultants (follow the sign posts). Showers and changing rooms are available at The Trinity Centre Health Club, however please note that the club will be closed between 11:20 and 1:30pm so that staff can compete in the race.

Where and when is the prize giving?
The prize giving takes place outside Cambridge Consultants, at 1.10pm.



History of the run

The first Fun Run, in the form of a relay race on the Cambridge Science Park, was held in 1989 and organised by Bidwells. For some years before that there had been a regular November gathering of up to 20 runners to do a lap, but the concept of a relay race opened the event up for competition between the businesses on the Park. The rivalry has never calmed down since!

The 1989 event was won by a team from Cambridge Consultants including James Collier, later to be co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of CSR along with Roger Miller, Eric Clousten and Alistair Morfey. Other winning teams over the years have come from Anglia Water, Midland Bank, the Royal Society of Chemistry and CSR.

Of course, despite the rivalry, it's also a fun run and a charity event. The timing of the Cambridge Fun Run in November 2013 is set to coincide with the BBC's Children in Need appeal night. Every year the Cambridge Fun Run raises a large sum of money for the Children in Need appeal thanks to the generosity of the runners and their sponsors; as well as the many companies that support and sponsor the event. In 2011 the event raised a record £27,692.34 for BBC's Children in Need!

As the event has grown, so has the organisation required to make it happen. With more teams taking part, a complete lane of the road is coned off for the runners, making it safer and easier to take part. There are more than 30 marshals around the course to manage the traffic and maintain access to the Cambridge Science Park buildings. Since 2001 the Cambridge Fun Run has been hosted on the forecourt of Cambridge Consultants - instead of the cobbles colloquially known as the "Battleship" - to allow more space for the handover area. We are always desperate for volunteers to help. If you'd like to get involved please visit the "Contact us" page.

Today the Cambridge Fun Run committee comprises volunteers from seven organisations on the Cambridge Science Park:








In addition, there are many organisations that support the event both financially and with valuable resources. Please visit our sponsors' page to see who they are.